How to Take Surveys and Get Paid for It

At one time or another, everyone on the Internet gets asked to participate in a survey of some sort. Most of us, at least at first, actually go through the whole process and actually finish a survey or two.
But did you know that it's possible to get paid for doing that? It is! The reason is that the productive machinery of big companies that produce goods and services, depends on consumer decisions. Ultimately in a free-market economy it is the consumer who votes for what he wants and likes, voting with his discretionary spending dollars.
So those in charge of producing are constantly trying to predict what the consumers will want in the future. They turn to market researchers to tell them. The market researchers use consumer opinion surveys to answer the producers' questions.
The low cost and fast response time of the Internet make it a favorite medium to get the survey takers and survey makers together. To get enough qualified volunteers the survey makers offer to pay the survey takers in cash, gifts or points redeemable for cash for taking each survey.
So how do you get in line to take surveys and get paid for it? How can you receive some of that cash?
You need to position yourself as a potential survey taker. Here's how:
1. Choose a good paid surveys guide company (there are over 200 of these) to get you started off right. You want one that you pay, so they will be working for you. Avoid the "free" guides out there; they are generally being paid to send you to less than desirable survey makers that you would rather not meet!
2. Insist that your guide company have a strong money-back guarantee, backed up by a bank or financial company. You want one with a refund rate (the percentage of their clients who demanded their money back) in the 3-5% range. Avoid any with refund rates over 10%.
3. When you first sign up, your guide company will give you a copy of their list of good survey makers. There are over 700 survey makers in the U.S. alone. Less than half of them are the kind you want to deal with. You just want to take surveys and get paid for it, while avoiding the problems out there.
Your guide company will be maintaining a list, keeping track of which survey makers pay in cash, treat your demographic information with care and are good to deal with. They know who is good and who is not and will steer you to the good companies. This is what you are paying them for.
Sign up with as many of the recommended survey makers as you can. This is very important. Each survey maker has its own separate list of survey takers. You get on these lists by applying to each survey maker individually and filling out their applications. You must be on as many lists as possible in order to receive the maximum number of surveys for which you are qualified.
4. Run your paid survey work in a businesslike manner. Get an email address just for surveys, check your inbox daily. When you are offered surveys respond promptly, fill the questionnaires out fully, answer the questions to the best of your ability.
Promptness and thoroughness will get you more surveys, focus groups, product testing and similar offers in the future.
Do all this right and you can expect to be rewarded by a nice income stream from taking surveys and getting paid for it. Your payment will arrive in the form of checks coming in the mail each month, or deposits being made into your PayPal account.
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