OK So I'm Doing Online Paid Surveys - What Else Is There?

Ready to kick it up to the next level? O.K. Here's how. Following along on the general theme that big companies need to know consumer opinions and they are willing to pay you money to get them, there's a lot more to be looked at.
Restaurant owners want to know what kind of service their customers are getting. Now, we're not talking about the small Mom and Pop corner restaurant here. We are talking about chain restaurants with many locations, spread over several states. The top executives can't see what is going on in all of the restaurants.
In big chains much depends on the local management. Of course, whenever anyone from the home office drops by, everyone working in the restaurant is on his or her very best behavior. It's hard to get honest feedback.
So there are programs to hire people to go to specific restaurants, order a meal, take note of the quality of the food and service. After the experience you fill out a questionnaire to give a report to the company's market research contractor or department.
They will want you to rate the quality of the service, the food, the atmosphere, things you liked best, and least, etc. Sometimes they pay for this. Always you at least get the restaurant meal, for you and your guest or significant other, for free.
There are similar programs for shopping at chain stores. People that do this are often called "mystery shoppers". The whole point here is that no one in the store knows who they are or when they will visit and shop. That way their experience will be unbiased because they will get treated just like everyone else.
Even some golf courses have similar programs for "mystery golfers"!
There are good programs for getting paid to make pictures with your digital camera. The media and advertisers have a voracious appetite for original visual content. It doesn't have to be super quality, just original and interesting.
Other programs pay you to have an advertisement painted on (or attached by magnetic signs) to your car. You can even get a car for free if it is specially painted and you agree to use it in certain areas (like maybe where you drive to and from work or school!).
There are many interesting alternatives that pay well out there. Check it out! You might just find something very profitable that suits you to a "T"!
Where do you find them? Google it. Do a web search. Go to ClickBank, for example, and search on "Get paid to" or "Get paid for". Have fun!
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