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Ruth, 33, is a single parent who used to work three jobs just to make ends meet, she was a waitress by day, a bartendress by night, and a babysitter during the weekends. She didn't have time for a vacation nor the money to spend on one, and she felt like she was trapped in a vicious cycle of endless work and bills to pay.
One day, a cousin of hers visited from out of town and felt nothing but pity for Ruth, who looked old for her years due to extreme stress. She let her in on how she was making good money in the comforts of her own home, for just a few hours a day. It wasn't that Ruth was skeptical, in fact, at the time, she would have tried anything just to get out of her rut. However, she told her cousin that she never set foot in university and had only basic computer skills. Much to her surprise, she was told that the only thing required for her to succeed was her determination; well, that, she remarked, she had a lot of!
It used to be that huge companies such as Wal-Mart, Pepsi, or Nike spent millions of dollars inviting people to market research events just to know what they were looking for in a product. Today, these companies could simply conduct surveys online and get the answers they need. And because they saved a lot of money, these large multinationals are able to pay consumers like us much, much more.
After just a few weeks of answering an average of 5 surveys per day, 5 days a week, plus occasionally participating in focus groups and and viewing movie trailers online, Ruth already earned what would have taken her six months on her 3 jobs to earn!
She only has to sit in front of her computer, log in, check what surveys are available, and choose one that pays fairly well (yes, you can choose which ones to take!). At the rate the online surveys' popularity is going, she's never worried about not having enough surveys to accomplish because new ones are always added every day.
If you think earning cash from paid online surveys is great, you'd be even amazed to learn that you can even try out their new products for free! Where else can you find someone offering you products for free and end up getting paid for just a few honest opinions?
You can't lose whichever way you look at it, and all it takes is a few minutes . Once the answers are pooled and analyzed, the companies that pay you to answer these surveys work doubly hard to keep improving their products again, ultimately benefiting you, the customer.
You're only limited by the amount of time you put into this daily activity your potential to earn is entirely up to you. Don't wait until you're too old to enjoy life to the fullest. Remember, if you can earn more in less time, then you'll have more quality moments with your loved ones and more time to do the things you love doing!
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