Paid Internet Surveys - 5 Steps to Making Easy Money

More and more marketing research companies are taking advantage of the low cost and fast turnaround of the Internet for their consumer opinion surveys.
Part of their savings is being passed on to those who volunteer for and fill out the surveys. So more and more people are receiving checks in the mail for taking paid internet surveys. One of them could be you!
Taking surveys does not require any specific skills; if you can send and receive e-mails you have all the technical qualifications you need. So how do you get involved and start receiving your checks in the mail?
Here are the five steps you need to take to get started:
1. Pick a good paid internet survey guide company to help you get started. There are well over 700 companies making surveys in the U.S. alone. Some are good, some not, some are terrible. Some are really sales companies in disguise who just want your info so they can spam you half to death trying to sell things to you.
In this situation you need a guide company, that studies the market, sorts out which survey makers are good and which are to be avoided, and maintains a list that is being constantly updated. You want to join up with such a company to get access to their list.
There are a couple hundred of these to choose from; so how do you pick a good one?
The company you want will be sizable, will have been around for a while and will be growing. Look for a strong 60-90 day money-back guarantee, backed up by a bank or financial company such as PayPal or ClickBank.
Most importantly, look for a low refund rate. The refund rate is the percentage of their clients that leave and demand their money back. Low refund rates indicate happy clients. High refund rates indicate many unhappy clients. Look for a refund rate in the 3.0%-5.0% range (ideal). Avoid any company with a refund rate of 10% or above.
2. Sign up with as many survey makers as you can. When you sign up with your paid internet survey guide company they will send you a copy of their current list. It is very important that you make application to as many of these as possible.
These are the companies that send out survey invitations. To be on their lists of active survey takers, you need to file an application with each of them, giving your contact and demographic info. Each company is separate and you must file an application with each one separately.
Get a copy of Robo Form or other form-filling assistant to help you with the repetitive forms. Remember, if the survey makers do not have your application on file they cannot send you invitations to take paid internet surveys.
3. Open a separate e-mail account for your paid internet survey work. Check your inbox at least once a day, preferably twice. Answer all correspondence promptly.
4. When invitations for paid internet surveys come in, take all surveys offered at first. Later, when more are coming in you can hi-grade and take only the high-paying ones if you choose. But right at first it will be important to establish yourself as a "live account". Fill out the questionnaires fully, answer the questions giving your honest opinion.
5. Be patient. The more survey makers you apply to, the more surveys invitations you will receive. If you respond quickly and fully, you will get more and bigger (higher-paying) surveys to take. Your income will build over the first 3-6 months after applying to each survey maker.
Your exact income will depend on your diligence and your demographics. Most experienced takers of paid internet surveys report incomes of $200 to $600 a month. Some with good demographics, and who work at it, report incomes of $1,000 a month and more.
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